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thank you to our members

In a word, terrific!  The Local Patch is a local island treasure.   A wonderful variety of beautiful pesticide free vegetables await you each week with a thoughtful recipe slipped in for sweet measure.  Healthy, tasty, and environmentally wonderful.  I'm looking forward to the 2018 season of visits to this charming farm where Amy and Andrew never fail to please.   The CSA program is the best!

Laurie, Newport

I have been participating in Andrew and Amy's CSA program since the start.  The produce is a really wonderful array of seasonal vegetables which I use for my home and catering business.  It is always such a treat to pick up my weekly bag of what they are growing.  I look forward to it every week.  It is healthy, convenient and delicious.

Lynne, Bristol

Looking forward to eating through my second season farm share at The Local Patch.  Organic vegetables that are delicious, nutritious, and last!  Some of the highlights for me were the amazing heirloom melons, tomatoes and huge heads of lettuce.  Treat yourself, you will LOVE it!

Dana, Portsmouth

Buying “ fresh” produce from a box store was so frustrating! What looked like a pepper, certainly didn’t taste like a pepper! What a waste of money. I want my young children to eat fresh produce. I am over the moon that Amy & Andrew started their farm! Now my kids can follow along each week & actually see what is growing. We root on our favorites, and perhaps grumble a little as we try some new veggies as we cook the easy recipes each week. Hurry up Spring 2018, we are getting hungry!

Anne, Middletown

Barbara, Portsmouth

We LOVE The Local Patch CSA.  Their vegetables are absolutely gorgeous, and incredibly tender and delicious.  Their Butter Head lettuce is like eating rose petals!

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